Call for Paper

ICCNIS 2020 welcomes a wide-range of research articles ranging from technical, methodological, to analytical domains. State-of-the-art research contributions that focus primarily on intelligent systems and control networks are strongly emboldened for the conference. All the submitted research papers should be novel, unpublished and should remain in the context of intelligent systems and control networks domain.

Control system Architectures:

Learning and Adaptive Control Systems, Knowledge-based Control Systems, Embedded Control Systems, Stochastic control architectures, Large-scale control Architectures, Intelligent Control Systems.

Intelligent Control and Automation:

Linear and Non-linear Control, Process Control Optimal and Optimization-based Control, smart fault detection and identification techniques, Networked control models, Fuzzy logic control, neural-based control, Environmental Monitoring, and Control, Aerospace control networks, Mechatronic Systems and Control, power systems and other related applications.

Next-generation Control Networks and Management:

Control networks protocol design, Intelligent Control Theory and Applications, Management of autonomic control networks, Delay Tolerant Networks, Industrial Control Networks, and Automation, Intelligent vehicular control networks.

Intelligent System Architectures:

Knowledge-based Networks, Support Vector Machines, Fuzzy Systems, Neural Network-based intelligent systems, learning theories, Intelligent Agents, Intelligent Optimization Techniques, Networked Systems, and Intelligent Decision-making Systems.

Intelligent Networks and Communication Technologies:

Intelligent network protocol design, Network, and Mobility Management techniques, QoS and resource management techniques, Opportunistic Networks, Mobile ad-hoc networks, heterogeneous wireless networks, cognitive networks, intelligent vehicular networks and protocols.

Technical Innovations and Applications:

Smart user interfaces, Human Machine Interaction, Intelligent Engineering Systems, Internet of Things, Machine Vision, Robotics, Ambient Intelligence, intelligent knowledge management, Education, Intelligent Healthcare Systems, Business Intelligence, Telecommunication, and transportation applications.