In recent years, Internet of Things [IoT] plays a vital role in interconnecting all the wireless devices by connecting them smartly over the internet. Due to their heterogeneous nature, IoT has developed greater research potential for the wireless network community. With its open, scalable and interoperable architectures, IoT has benefited the emerging intelligent systems like Natural language Processing [NLP], Cognitive systems, expert systems and so on to initiate an artificial humanized computing architectures. IoT with its number of intelligent sensor nodes, it becomes capable enough to sense and respond even to the complex and irregular issues that emerge in the intelligent systems. Meanwhile, IoT also emerges as a key and intelligent communication alternative for control networks. The integration of IoT in control networks has derived various intelligent solutions, which upgrades the intelligent decision-making systems in an effective and efficient manner. Despite the hype, this research domain needs some research attention on some unexplored areas of IoT like smart sensing, high-performance computing, network modeling, security, and privacy. This International Conference on IoT based Control Networks and Intelligent Systems [ICICNIS 2020] organized by St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, Kottayam, Kerala, India on 10-11, December 2020 aims to gather the state-of-the-art research contributions in the evolving field of Internet of Things [IoT] in control networks and intelligent system applications.

About the College

The establishment of St. Joseph’s College of Engineering ,was the fulfillment of a long cherished dream of providing facilities for higher education to the people of the diocese and surrounding regions. The main objective is to develop a college with a distinct identity and character, where education and training are imparted in a truly Christian environment conducive to fostering Christian values such as faith in God, love for their fellow men and devotion to the motherland. Every facility is provided in the campus to create an environment fully conducive to realizing this objective.

Discipline, hard work, positive thinking, commitment to excellence and abiding faith in the Almighty are the guiding principles that propel the college to its vision of emerging as a Centre of Excellence in technical education in the country. Value systems such as eco-friendliness, quality consciousness and work ethics are also being instilled through the special work culture and campus life existing in the college.

The college aims to provide an education that WORKS ! – an education that helps the students in ensuring a challenging and satisfying career after the course. With this in view, facilities are provided in the college for personality development, yoga and meditation training, learning skills development, employability skills development, communication skills development, expert counselling services, special tuition and coaching for weaker students and sports and games facilities. The Placement and Training cell of the college renders various services such as arranging campus recruitment, providing information on career opportunities and higher study facilities within India and abroad, training for job interviews and competitive examinations, arranging practical training for students in industries, etc.